Zhao Ming Elementary School

Health, Excellence , Love

Health -- to perform accordingly; to balance the body and mind; to be spirited

Excellence -- to be innovative; to exceed oneself; to seek for best qualities in teaching and learning

Love -- to understand and respect differences; to be cooperative; to achieve goals

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School History

Founded in 1918, Zhao Ming Elementary School went though different administrations and names and was renamed Kaohsiung County Daliao Township Zhao Ming Elementary School in 1968, the year that the compulsory education was put into practice.
The other campus, Xincuo Campus was established in 1965, and it has been operating to this day. After the merger between Kaohsiung City and Kaohsiung County in December, 2010, it was officially recognized as Kaohsiung Municipal Zhao Ming Elementary School

School Status

The main campus offers 15 elementary classes, 1 resource class and 2 kindergarden classes; the Xincuo Campus has 6 elementary classes, totaling 431 students in elementary and 31 in kindergarden along with 49 faculty members. The administration comprises the Academic Office, the Student Affairs Office, the General Affairs Office, the Councelorˇ¦s Office, the Personnel Office, the Accounting Office, the Luncheon Department and the Parent Teacher Association.

School location

Zhao Ming Elementary School is located at the junction with the forest park. The school district is with two campuses; the main campus is located on Daliao Dist, Fenglin Road, within the Zhao Ming community, with adjacent Fengshan tap water plant. The school district has Zhaoming Village, Yi-Ren Village etc. Xincuo campus is adjacent with Xincuo Village and Ping-Ding Dist. For the trail left the Japanese occupation era, the overlooking from the hillside fresh river is not only with the beautiful scenery, even more nostalgia. Community residents of Taiwanese nationals are honestly and mainly to labor work and subsistence farming. Surroundings the campus are residential, quiet community, campus lawn grass, towering trees, species diverse, often many bird habitat, flowers, and which are adding to the diverse ecological campus life.

Education Policy

Zhao Ming Elementary School follows the national education policies, to promote the moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic development of school education to a wide range of school-based programs and activities, fostering both static and dynamic students and behave with great restraint.
Developing the fundamental capabilities: Emphasis on language learning (including native language and English), mathematics, and science, the knowledge and the fundamental capabilities. Those who achieve the standard develop more than basic, deeply and widely; on the other hand, help those who are insufficient the remedial teaching or teaching assistance, try the best to help schoolchildren have basic capabilities.
To cultivate a healthy living habit: We emphasize on life education and implement the physical fitness into teaching activities. We also promote running race in order to train a good physical fitness. At the mean time, we also proactive to develop folk sports skills of learning, such as jumping rope, shuttlecock kicking, diabolo and other sports. The school even established a diabolo school team instructed by Mr. Chen Jian-Ying. The teammates participate in all levels of competition, and are famous and competitive. They are also often invited to perform for schools or important occasions.
The Art and Performances Courses, cultivating the sense of beauty: "A student, a recorder" is being promoted. You can hear the sound of recorder everywhere on campus. Students are instructed by the music teacher or homeroom teachers. The interclass recorder contest is being held every year to inspire the teachers and students to learn this musical instrument. The students graduated from Zhao Ming elementary school all can play the recorder. Besides, we also hold the painting exhibitions, display works of arts and crafts, integrate arts and humanities teaching activities, and beautify the campus with studentsˇ¦ own hands. The simple and neat campus environment helps cultivate the sense of beauty in life.
Role Model Learning, inspiring the realization of good deeds in life and developing the ethics: We create the opportunities for students to learn from the role models of their hardworking attitudes and kindness. We hope students will self-motivate "to be kind", " to praise", and "to do good deeds" and become good children of Zhao Ming.

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